Enquète du Young Investigator Subcommittee Survey de l'IUPHAR

 IUPHAR Young Investigator Subcommittee Survey

The International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) recently formed the Young Investigator subcommittee in order to better facilitate engagement with early career pharmacologists around the world. This subcommittee is made up of 14 early career investigators from IUPHAR member societies all around the world and is led Dr. Carl White (Chair, Australia) and Dr. Aisah Aubdool (Vice-Chair, United Kingdom).

It is hoped that the formation of the committee will provide a voice for early career pharmacologists as well as provide a means to engage with IUPHAR and other pharmacological societies. We also wish to facilitate greater links between early career members around world and provide opportunities for further development and training of early career investigators.

The young investigator committee is still very much in the early stages of developing objectives and possibilities. To help us with this we have put together an online survey to inform the subcommittee about how we can best engage early career pharmacologists and act on their behalf. 


The survey is aimed at early career pharmacologists (student through to post-doc) and we would appreciate if it can circulated widely to early career pharmacologists. Additionally, we would be happy to answer any questions or receive any comments on the subcommittee or survey.

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