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FCP - Numéro spécial "Oncopharmacology"

Oncopharmacology virtual issueFCP a publié au mois d'aôut un numéro spécial concernant l'oncopharmacologie. Voir le sommaire en ligne ici.
Ci-dessous l'introduction de ce numéro spécial
Oncopharmacology is holding a key position in modern pharmacology and is currently in a process of development. Many new research paths have emerged in recent years, with a significant amount of successes and leading to truly effective targeted therapies. Molecular and cellular mechanisms of action along with pharmacokinetic considerations and clinical applications provide a useful insight into the use of new drugs in personalized anticancer medicine.
In this virtual issue, we have collected articles recently published in Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology that address various current aspects of oncopharmacological research, an area that has been enriched by progress in many other fields, including biology, chemistry and of course medicine

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FCP - Sommaire - Octobre 2019

Le numéro FCP d'octobre 2019 est en ligne. Bonne lecture !

Volume 33, Issue 5 - Pages: 501-600 - October 2019

 Sommaire :



Potassium channels in vascular smooth muscle: a pathophysiological and pharmacological perspective.

Muhammed Fatih Dogan, Oguzhan Yildiz, Seyfullah Oktay Arslan, Kemal Gokhan Ulusoy - Pages: 504-523.


Potassium channels in vascular smooth muscle: a pathophysiological and pharmacological perspective.

Fabrice Antigny - Pages: 524-526.




Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Urapidil, but not dihydropyridine calcium channel inhibitors, preserves the hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction: an experimental study in pig arteries.

Claire Bopp, Cyril Auger, Alexandre Mebazaa, Girish P. Joshi, Valérie B. Schini‐Kerth, Pierre Diemunsch - Pages: 527-534.

Liver And G‐I Tract Pharmacology

Treatment with either COX‐2 inhibitor or 5‐LOX inhibitor causes no compensation between COX‐2 pathway and 5‐LOX pathway in chronic aluminum overload‐induced liver injury in rats.

Hui Xia Qin He Hong Wang Yongming Wang Yang Yang Yuke Li Jiahua Zhang Zhihao Chen Junqing Yang - Pages: 535-543.


Inflammatory process in Parkinson disease: neuroprotection by neuropeptide Y.

Stéphanie Pain, Jackie Vergote, Zuhal Gulhan, Sylvie Bodard, Sylvie Chalon, Afsaneh Gaillard - Pages: 544-548.

Procyanidin B2 from lotus seedpod regulate NO/ADMA/DDAH pathway to treat insomnia in rats.

Hong‐Bo Xiao, Yi‐Shan Wang, Lin Liang, XiangYang Lu, Zhi‐Liang Sun - Pages: 549-557.

Metabolism, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacogenetics

Effect of X‐ray irradiation on pharmacokinetics of irinotecan hydrochloride and expression of CES1 and CYP3A1 in rats.

Qiao Yijie, Wang Xuejun, Xin Yuanyao, Nian Yongqiong, Yang Jianxin, Duan Yabin, Li Xiangyang - Pages: 558-566.



A population analysis of the DGAT1 inhibitor GSK3008356 and its effect on endogenous and meal‐induced triglyceride turnover in healthy subjects.

Malek Okour, Richard A. Brigandi, David Tenero - Pages: 567-580.

Non‐steroidal anti‐inflammatory drug prescriptions from the 6th month of pregnancy: impact of advice from health authorities.

Mélanie Araujo, Caroline Hurault‐Delarue, Claire Bouilhac, Dominique Petiot, Justine Benevent, Christophe Vayssière, Sabine Vidal, Jean‐Louis Montastruc, Christine Damase‐Michel, Isabelle Lacroix - Pages: 581-588.

Cyclo‐oxygenase selectivity and chemical groups of nonsteroidal anti‐inflammatory drugs and the frequency of reporting hypersensitivity reactions: a case/noncase study in VigiBase.

Mohammad Bakhriansyah, Ronald H.B. Meyboom, Patrick C. Souverein, Anthonius de Boer, Olaf H. Klungel - Pages: 589-600.

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