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Numéro thématique : Hemato-oncopharmacology

Le numéro 2 (mars avril 2022) est en ligne

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·Hemato-oncopharmacology: Drugs and cancer

Jean-Jacques Kiladjian, Fabien Despas


Original articles

·The challenge of targets and drug discovery using large-scale screening approaches in onco-hematology

Lina Benajiba, Jean-Jacques Kiladjian

·Pharmacokinetics and therapeutic drug monitoring of anticancer protein/kinase inhibitors

Stéphane Bouchet, Mathieu Molimard

·Pharmacogenomics in solid cancers and hematologic malignancies: Improving personalized drug prescription

Maud Maillard, Baptiste Louveau, Paul Vilquin, Lauriane Goldwirt, Fabienne Thomas, Samia Mourah

·Advanced therapy medicinal products: Regulatory framework, hospital and pharmaceutical circuits in Europe and France

Miryam Mebarki, Isabelle Madelaine, Jérôme Larghero, Romain de Jorna

·Of some innovations in clinical trial design in hematology and oncology

Vincent Lévy

·From cardio-oncology to cardio-onco-pharmacology: Towards a multidisciplinary approach in the understanding and management of cardiotoxicity

Stéphane Ederhy, Perrine Devos, Ariel Cohen, Bruno Pinna, Marie Bretagne, Lee S. Nguyen, Joe-Elie Salem

·Pharmacology and pharmacovigilance of protein kinase inhibitors

Charles Khouri, Julien Mahé, Laura Caquelin, Clara Locher, Fabien Despas

·Dermatological adverse drug reactions of anticancer drugs: International data of pharmacovigilance: VigiBase®

Mathilde Strumia, Marie-Loup Perrin, Emilie Patras de Compaigno, Cécile Conte, Francois Montastruc, Maryse Lapeyre-Mestre, Vincent Sibaud, Fabien Despas

·Pharmacoepidemiology for oncology clinical practice: Foundations, state of the art and perspectives

Sibylle de Germay, Driss Berdaï, Pernelle Noize

·Immunotherapies in acute leukemia

Nicolas Boissel, Florence Rabian

·The “old” cytotoxic drugs, the basis of anti-cancer treatments

Sylvain Manfredi

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