Newsletter décembre 2020 de l'IUPHAR

IUPHAR - International Union of Basic & Clinical PharmacologyLe dernier numéro de pharmacology international, la newsletter de l'IUPHAR (décembre 2020), est paru. Retrouvez le en cliquant ici
"In this issue we concentrate on the governance changes for IUPHAR which will make a major difference in IUPHAR, in IUPHAR’s interactions with stakeholder societies and for the future of pharmacology around the world. Thus, it is CRUCIAL that these changes are discussed in your next society meeting and distributed throughout your membership. We welcome your feedback!
We realize how difficult 2020 has been and we hope that pharmacology can help us get back on track and allow us to meet at WCP2022 in Glasgow.
We wish you all the very best at the end of the year and a Happy Christmas!
Michael Spedding, René Ciarametaro and Ingolf Cascorbi"